• SMARTWARE SCADA Package software is able to connect to all DCS, FCS & RTU systems that their physical layer is based on Industrial Ethernet.
  • FAHM's Hardware, Control & Instrument products considered to be a convenient & low-cost solution in Industrial Automation sub-systems ensuring high confidence coefficient & supporting redundancy in field, control & network levels.


  1. Design & produce customized Thermocouple & RTD Temperature Sensors, Thermowell & Housing used in Petrochemical industry
  2. Preparation and supply of temperature display/transmitters from WIKA, ASHCROFT, NAGANO, ABB, E+H, EMERSON, ...
  3. Preparation and supply of pressure & pressure difference switch/display/transmitters from WIKA, ASHCROFT, NAGANO, ABB, E+H, EMERSON, ...
  4. Design & install Cooling systems in cooling towers
  5. Design & install Data Gathering & SCADA systems
  6. Preparation and supply of traditional & paperless recorders from Foxboro, EuroTherm, Honeywell, ABB, ...
  7. Preparation and supply of Hardness & thickness gauges from GE-Krautkramer, Stanhope-Seta, Haven, ...
  8. Preparation and supply of Ultrasonic, Radar & Electromagnetic Level meters from Foxboro, E+H, Honeywell, ABB, ...
  9. Design & install Data Gathering & Distribution systems through SMS on all DCS Control systems
  10. Optimize & replace outdated HMI & SCADA software
  11. Optimize & replace outdated monitoring systems
  12. Design & implement Ignition, Combustion & Flame Monitoring systems
  13. Preparation, repair, construction and production of old cards in Petrochemical industry including GE,Siemens Telemerp, ABB, Foxboro,... control system cards
  14. Design & install Tank Gauging systems