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Sentry Series Turbine Meters

Sentry Series Turbine Meter
The Smith Meter® Sentry Series Turbine Meter is a rimmed, rotor-type meter with helical blades for the accurate measurement required for custody transfer of crude and refined petroleum products in larger pipelines.


  • All stainless steel wetted parts
  • Tungsten carbide bearings
  • Hydrodynamic thrust balancing
  • NACE compliance


  • Bidirectional flow
  • Multiple pickup coils
  • High-Resolution output
  • Premium and Super Premium linearity

AccuLoad III.net Preset Controller

Smith Meter AccuLoad III.net

The AccuLoad III.net provides total product management at the loading rack including safety monitoring and compensation or control functions for temperature, flow, pressure, additive injection and blending. Backed my FMC Technologies’ world-class customer support, the AccuLoad III.net is the next generation of preset electronics for loading and unloading of blended or straight products during custody transfer applications.


  • Four serial communication ports plus one Ethernet port
  • Ethernet: 10/100 base RJ-45: 8 or 10 UTP unshielded twisted pair connector
  • Continuous monitoring of critical functions
  • Real-time data capture from local and remote locations
  • Local and remote online diagnostics
  • Network compatible
  • Email/text message alerts and support for diagnostics and alarms
  • New flash memory
  • Software upgrades performed through internet communications
  • Smith Meter®  AccuLoad® III to AccuLoad III.net upgrades are available and easily installed


  • Batch loading of alcohols, gasolines, antifreeze, lube oils, fuel oils, solvents, fertilizers, LPG, LNG and chemicals.
  • System is ideal for truck, barge or railcar loading, bulk plants, shipping docks, processing installations and tank farms.
  • Handles straight and blended product loading.


Flow meter /Flow Indicator

Flow meter /Flow Indicator


With a range of important features, H5000 represents the very highest performance in bulk flow water metering making it ideally suited to both billing and water distribution applications.
Flow meter /Flow Indicator


The Q4000 is an electromagnetic water meter designed for measuring bulk flows of cold potable water for revenue billing and distribution system monitoring.
Flow meter /Flow Indicator


The Q4000B is an electromagnetic water meter designed for measuring bulk flows of cold potable water for revenue billing in commercial or industrial applications and distribution system monitoring. 
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The evoQ4 is a pioneering advance in commercial water metering technology.

Flow meter /Flow Indicator


s4-drs-f_5.png: Turbine Wheel-Pulse Output DRS-..F5

Turbine Wheel-Pulse Output DRS-..F5

s4-drs-l_5.png: Turbine Wheel-Analogue Output DRS-..L3

Turbine Wheel-Analogue Output DRS-..L3

s4-drs-auf_5.png: Turbine Wheel-Analogue Output DRS-..L4 with AUF

Turbine Wheel-Analogue Output DRS-..L4 with AUF

s2-bgn.png: Variable Area Flowmeter-All Metal BGN

Variable Area Flowmeter-All Metal BGN

s2-bgn-hochdruck_5.png: Variable Area Flowmeter-All Metal BGN-High Pressure

Variable Area Flowmeter-All Metal BGN-High Pressure

Flow meter /Flow Indicator

  • Flow meter /Flow Indicator Rosemount Magnetic Flowmeters
    Discover the industry-leading Rosemount line of Magnetic Flowmeters for your process and diagnostic needs. Contact us today to learn more!
  • Flow meter /Flow Indicator Rosemount Vortex Flowmeters
    Achieve better measurement practices and eliminate potential leak points with the vortex flowmeters from Rosemount. Learn more today!

Flow meter /Flow Indicator


Model FLC-MR

Meter run




Flow nozzle, Venturi nozzle

for in-pipe installation, for flange assembly



Venturi tube

From bar stock or welded sheet



Pitot tube

Model FWS

Flow monitor

For monitoring the flow of liquid and gaseous media

Flow meter /Flow Indicator

  • Daniel Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters
    Increase throughput and maximize uptime with advanced Daniel gas ultrasonic flow meters that deliver expert flow analysis faster than ever before to ensure operators have the data needed to detect costly flow disturbances in real time.
  • Flow meter /Flow Indicator Daniel Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meters
    From refined products to heavy crude, intelligent Daniel liquid ultrasonic flow meters provide real-time diagnostics via an intuitive operator interface to heighten the accuracy and reliability of measurement operations.
  • Flow meter /Flow Indicator Daniel Differential Pressure Products
    Our proven differential pressure products are the most widely used instruments for natural gas fiscal flow measurement. They are available in most sizes and pressure ratings, and meet the demanding requirements for large or special applications.

Flow meter /Flow Indicator

Our offering

Flow meter /Flow Indicator

ProcessMaster FEP300. For efficient plant operation and constant product quality.

Flow meter /Flow Indicator

ProcessMaster FEP500. For efficient plant operation and constant product quality with extended diagnosis functionality.

Flow meter /Flow Indicator

ProcessMaster FEP610. The first choice for all industrial standard applications.

Flow meter /Flow Indicator

HygienicMaster FEH300. For demanding hygienic applications.

Flow meter /Flow Indicator

HygienicMaster FEH500. For demanding hygienic applications with extended diagnosis functionality.

Flow meter /Flow Indicator

HygienicMaster FEH610. The first choice for all hygienic standard applications.


Flow meter /Flow Indicator

  • The measuring principle is based on the influence of the flowing fluid to the traveling time of sound. The sound is transmitted through the pipe and the transit time difference between the forward and backward directions is used to determine the flow velocity (transit time method).

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  • Yokogawa has been synonymous with Vortex flow meters since pioneering the industrial vortex flow meter nearly four decades ago. Over those decades, Yokogawa has continued to be at the fore front of vortex technology; so, today, Yokogawa offers a large variety of vortex flow meters, including custom made designs.

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  • Yokogawa's experience with magnetic flow meters spans decades. Our magnetic flow meters provide flexible configurations for industrial use in most areas.  

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Flow meter /Flow Indicator

  • Flow meter /Flow Indicator
Flow meter /Flow Indicator

Honeywell’s VersaFlow Clamp-on Ultrasonic flow meters measure liquids in industrial applications. Because the sensor is clamped on to the outside of the pipe, it is immune to the process compatibility concerns of an in-line flow metering technology.

  • Flow meter /Flow Indicator
Flow meter /Flow Indicator

Mass flow transmitters provide accurate information to measure mass flow, density, volumetric flow, and temperature of liquids and gases in a wide range of industrial applications. Honeywell’s VersaFlow Coriolis Mass Flow Converter, together with the relevant VersaFlow Coriolis Mass Flow sensor, significantly enhances product quality and productivity in industries such as oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, food and pharmaceuticals.

Flow meter /Flow Indicator

Flow meter /Flow Indicator

With a 100-year tradition of excellence and innovation in flow measurement, the Foxboro by Schneider Electric brand of magnetic, vortex and Coriolis technologies and accessories offers a complete breadth of accurate, reliable and worry-free flowmeter solutions.