SMARTWARE SCADA Package is a Hardware-independent system implemented upon Open Standard Systems and utlizies International PLC, RTU & FieldBus Standards to perform Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) tasks.
The package is designed to implememnt full redundancy support in Software level and when combined with full redundant hardware and network (like the ones provided by Fahm), ensures seamless redundancy in all levels from software down to the field.SMARTWARE SCADA Package
The package consits of several software to divide the functionality and enable distributed system administration and usage. All of them are available on both Windows & Linux operating system as they are implemented on Microsoft's .Net Framework which that has been proved to have high power and speed to run programs on both operating systems.


Package Features:

  • Compatibale with OPC, Industrial Ethernet, Modbus RTU, TCP/ID, ... protocols
  • OPC-Server/Client standard library for HMI software developers
  • Data Logging
  • Extensible using C# scripting in SCADA
  • Supplied with free Configuration Wizard (Most SCADA providers sale this separately)
  • Unlimited Tag Definition
  • Define, edit & delete Virtual Tags
  • Display Analog Tags such as Temperature, Pressure, ... as Graph Bar & Chart
  • Display & log all system events including Alarms, User Commands & Automated Control System Commands
  • Log events with high precision time (about 1ms)
  • Support wide range of PLCs and Industrial Contollers:
    Siemens, Omron, Keyence, Mitsubishi, Allen, Bradley, ABB, LG, ...
  • Plugin Architecure provided with prepaired PLC drivers and extensible to implement and use free drivers for other devices
  • Web interface to monitor site devices on internet
  • Export reports & configurations (Alarms, Tags, ...) to Word, Excel and HTML
  • Different Access Level for Workstations such as Operator Station, Engineering Station, ...
  • Client/Server Architecure supporting 2-way or 4-way Redundancy in Server and Data network levels
  • SMS Server to send alarms and get Tag values
SCADA Package