SMARTWARE SCADA Workstation Editions, as given by its name, acts as a client in SMARTWARE SCADA Package and displays field device informations in a graphic manner and allows authorized users to send commands via buttons and menus on the page. There is no limit on number of workstations in a SMARTWARE SCADA Package. Also an online file can consists of theoricaly unlimited number of pages each focusing on a seperate part of the field.


The softwares also has capabilities to display alarms (active and archive), events, reports and tag trends. An authorized user then can do more activities in each window like acknowledging alarms, print events or reports and redefine them using date and other filters.
The software, beside client capabilities, also provides administrator features like Module, Alarm and Tag definition, building custom reports, asigining alarms to SMS system, and editing/adding online pages is taken for granted.

Main features

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Module Definition
  • Unlimited Tag Definition
  • Define, edit & delete Virtual Tags
    SMARTWARE SCADA Workstation Edition
  • Define and display trend reports (for analog Tags such as Temperature, Pressure, ...), Graph Bar & Chart reports
  • Fully customizable reports with tags, virtual tags and other tag operations (sum, avg, max, script, ...)
  • Display reports in different date ranges simultaneously on the same window
  • Display & log all system events including Alarms, User Commands & Automated Control System CommandsSMARTWARE SCADA Workstation Edition
  • Export reports & configurations (Alarms, Tags, ...) to Word, Excel and HTML
  • Different access level for Workstations such as Operator Station, Engineering Station, ...
  • Different access level for users and objects on the pages like buttons and trends and event the pages themselves.