• Connect to computer through USB port
  • Support USB 2.0
  • Support HART Protocol (version 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0)
  • Hand-Held and Hart-Modem functioning modes
  • No 24vDC Power Supply neede in HART-Modem mode
  • Super low power design for extended portable computer battery life
  • Provide instruments with max. 25mA in Hart-Modem mode
  • No external 250Ohm Resistor needed in Hart-Modem mode
  • LED indicator to display Power-On
  • Separate LED indicator to display data transfer
  • Galvanic isolation between computer and instruments to prevent Ground Loop
  • Isolation Voltage: 1500 vAC
  • Includes USB drivers for Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000
HART Modem Type FM202

  • Special USB cable
  • Two special probes to connect to instruments
  • PDM software from Siemens for configuration and calibration
  • 'HART Instrument Calibrator' software from FAHM Co. for configuration and calibration of all FAHM Co. products
HART Modem Type FM202 Accessory
Wiring Scheme
HART Modem Type FM202 : Handheld Operation Mode
Handheld Operation Mode

HART Modem Type FM202 : Modem Operation Mode
Modem Operation Mode
HART Modem Type FM202
HART Modem Type FM202
HART Modem Type FM202
HART Modem Type FM202
FM202 Hart Modem
FM202 Hart Modem