Smart Pressure Transmitter FT 3351 Series


User Video Manual for FT3351


  • FT3351 series digital differential pressure transmitter, multi-functional smart pressure transmitter, is designed for industrial pressure measurement applications, based on our years of rich industrial manufacturing experience, adopting modern advanced, mature, reliable capacitive sensor technology, also combined with advanced single-chip computer technology and sensor digital conversion technology.
  • CPU adopts sixteen single chips, whose powerful features and high-speed computing power ensures the transmitter with good quality and performance. The software has digital signal processing technology making transmitter with excellent anti-interference ability and zero stability, with zero automatic stable tracking ability (ZSC) and automatic temperature compensation ability (TSC).
  • Powerful interface features without hand held communicator are able to ensure good interaction. LCD indicator can display the digital pressure, temperature, current three kinds of physicals and 0-100% analog indication. In case of non-standard pressure source, parameter setting zero shift, range setting damping adjustment can be by press key button; and also re-calibration on the transmitter are greatly convenient for on-site calibration.
  • Serial interface communication can be converted to 4-20mA DC current signal output by via specified converter module, also available through Hart protocol( RS485 module) to set and monitor remote transmission, directly connecting with master device, such as paperless recorder, controller, indicator etc. instrument, HMI, IPC, PC, Industrial Lan.
  • FT3351 are used to measure differential pressure, gauge pressure, absolute pressure. parameters for gas, liquid, vapor, widely applied in petroleum, metallurgy, chemicals, power, light industry, mechanical and environmental protection fields.
  • FT3351 are available in 2 categories, 0.075% Accuracy and 0.15% Accuracy which is shown as below.

SpecificationSmart Pressure Transmitter FT 3351 Series

  • Process Fluid : Liquid, gas, vapor
  • Application : Differential pressure, gauge
    Pressure, absolute pressure
  • Measuring Range : -100Pa to 40Mpa
  • Measure Accuracy : ±0.075% , ±0.15%
  • Linear Output : 0.075%
  • Range Ratio : 1:10
  • Digital Accuracy : ±0.05%
  • Stability : 5 years of 0.1%
  • Ambient Temperature:-40℃ to 85℃
  • Process Temperature Range:-40℃ to 100℃
  • Ambient Humidity : 0-95%RH
  • Humidity Limits : 0-100%RH relative humidity
  • Turn On Time : 2S with minimum damping
  • Damping Adjustment: 0-32S
  • Material:
    Flange/Adaptor : Stainless Steel 316L/
    Monel/ Hastelloy/Carbon Steel
    Drains/Vents : Stainless Steel 316/
    Monel/ Hastelloy
    Diaphragm : Stainless Steel 316L/ Monel/
    Hastelloy C/ TantalumSmart Pressure Transmitter FT 3351 Series
  • Wetted O-Ring : Glass-filled PTFE, Graphite-filled PTFE, FKM Viton, Fluoroplastics
  • Seal O-Ring : Viton/ Buna-N
  • Bolts & Nuts : Carton Steel/Stainless Steel316
  • Converter Housing: Low copper cast aluminum
    Alloy with Polyurethane paint
  • Fill Fluid : Silicon/ Fluorine Oil
  • Enclosure : IP66/67
    : Explosion Proof II 2/3 G Ex d llC T5 (-50<Ta<80 ℃) Ga/Gb
  • Output Signal : 4-20mA current output
    : HARTSmart Pressure Transmitter FT 3351 Series
  • Vibration Effect: ±0.05% of URL per g to 200 in any axis
  • Power Supply : 12V to 45VDC, 24VDC as default
  • Power Connection: cable, air plug, Hirschman plug
  • Process Connections: 1/2NPT, 1/4NPT
  • Protection Class: IP66/67
  • Weight: 2.7KG
  • Product Certificate:
    ATEX Intrinsic Safety Gas Ex ib IIC T6
    ATEX Explosion-proof, II 2/3 G Ex d IIC T5 (–50 <= Ta <= 80 °C) Ga/Gb
FT3351C Differential
FT3351C Differential

Loop Powered Differential Pressure Transmitter

FT3351C Gage/Absolute
FT3351C Gage/Absolute

Loop Powered Pressure Transmitter