Multi-Function Process meter & Control Units


FLI400 is Process indicators for panel mounting:

·    Flow indicator (L/h,m3/h)

·    Level indicator

·    Pressure indicator (KP/cm2, KPa, MPa, Pa, bar, mbar)

·    Temperature indicator (C, F)

·   Thermocouples (B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T)

·   Voltages (-20..20 VDC)

·   2, 3, 4 wire RTD (Pt 100, Pt 200 ... Pt 1000)

·   Resistances (0...5000 Ω)

  FLI400 is Process indicators with HART display for up to 10 values in one device.

FLI400 is Process indicators with control function:

·         Limit value monitoring

·         Mathematics

·         Flow Computer

·         Differential Pressure

·         Linearization

FLI400 has Universal Analog Input:

Analog measured values are indicated, evaluated and calculated by FLI400. Large displays offer easily readability at all ambient conditions. The universal inputs enable the connection of current, voltage, RTDs and TCs.

Measuring principle: Indicators with control function

Indicators with control function combine several functionalities in one device:

·  Active barrier

·  Control unit with relay 

·  Programmable Logic Controller

·  Hart Bridge to Ethernet or Hart Bridge to RS485

 These features combined with the graphical displays offer highest comfort and best functionality on site.


    • Excellent price/ performance ratio
    • Excellent long term stability
    • Fast, simple and comfortable commissioning and operation
    • Enhanced self-diagnostic
    • Suitable for Pressure, Temperature, Level, Mass, Velocity, Gas Analyzing, etc.
    • Digital Input, Output and Analog Output (Optional)
    • Ethernet Port / Modbus TCP / Ethernet/IP, RS485 Port / Modbus RTU / Modbus Ascii and HART (Optional)
    • USB Flash Port + 8GB Flash Memory (Optional)
    • General purpose remote displays as 4 limit switches, Flow Computer with HART, General Purpose HART Master and Customer special application (Optional)
Multi-Function Process meter & Controller FLI400 Series
Multi-Function Process meter & Controller FLI400 Series