■ Power generation

■ Oil production and refining

■ Water treatment and distribution

■ Gas processing and transmission

■ Chemical and petrochemical industries

Special features

■ Max. operating temperature and pressure limited by material and flange

 ■ Suitable for liquid, gas and steam flow measurement

■ Accuracy ≤ ±0.5 % of actual flow rate

 ■ Repeatability of measurement of 0.1 % Description Easy installation and handling Differential pressure flow meters are used in many technical applications.

 As primary flow elements, orifice plates represent the most common solution. Orifice plates are notable for their easy installation and management.

The differential pressure generated by the primary flow element is normally transformed into an electrical signal proportional to the flow rate by a differential pressure transmitter.

Standard configuration is with a square-edged concentric bore in both paddle and universal type plates. Also available with a spiral finish.

Orifice flanges

Descriptions For the mounting of orifice plates or flow nozzles, instead of pipe flanges, special orifice flanges are used.

Orifice flanges feature pairs of pressure tappings which are machined directly into the orifice flange. This has the advantage of dispensing with any orifice carriers or pressure tappings in the pipe wall.

The assembly of the orifice plate is completed with jacking screws to ensure an easy removal.

Orifice Plate
Orifice Plate
Orifice Flange Union
Orifice Flange Union
Integral Orifice Flange
Integral Orifice Flange