MFPT74 product is based on metal foil strain gauge technology. MFPT74 uses unique sealing method between the diaphragm and the connector, so as to ensure the sealing reliability, and also ensure the diaphragm performance.

The MFPT74 is suitable for pressure measurement of viscous fluids or fluids with media containing solids applications.

This Transmitter is widely used in food, medicine and beverage and specifically sewerage industries.



Model MFPT74
Accuracy 0. 5% FS
Measuring range  0~40bar…6000bar
overload pressure 150%FS
accuracy 0.5%FS(standard), 0.25%FS(optional)
zero unbalance <±2%FS
long-term stability  <0.2%FS/year
compensated temperature range -10~+85°C
operating temperature range  -20~+70°C
process connection G1/2, M20 or others
MFPT74 Series
MFPT74 Series

Metal Foil Strain Gauge Pressure Transmitter

MFPT74 Series