CPU83H is a low cost, high performance CPU card

CPU83H uses a Modbus port for communicating with I/O cards and other standard devices

CPU83H uses 2 redundant independent Ethernet channels for connecting to DCS and SCADA system

CPU83H provides excellent flexibility, low storage and installation costs. The high reliability ensures a safe system operation and low maintenance costs.

  • Programming with STL & LADDER
  • Max STL memory

          32 KB

  • STL cycle-time

          10 ms

  • Max 64 cascading or distributed independent closed loops
  • Max 31 Expansion I/O cards
  • 2 isolated Ethernet 10/100 Mbs Fieldbus channels
  • Live simulation of logic control through network
  • Ability to simulate all I/O channels
  • 1 Mb/s local Modbus bus to connect to I/O cards
  • Registering and logging of data by 8GB micro SD memory card
  • LADDER programmer/compiler and live simulation software
  • Selectable work mode

          Main, Redundant

  • Identification and configuration of replaced card

          Automatically by another CPU Card in CPU redundancy mode

  • Hot programming through network

          (No need to disconnect and switch off)

  • Diagnostic of I/O channels through network
  • 24VDC Supply through local Modbus bus
  • OPC Server / Client compliance
  • RTC / WDT external timers
  • 3 Years backup battery
  • Automated data log on MMC memory
  • (Max 4GB) when Ethernet is disconnected
  • Automated and manual data recovery and log in SCADA Archive