UTT83R is a universal 3-wire transmitter for temperature and other measurement applications.
UTT83R is fully Software configurable, with communication through the RS-232 protocol.
UTT83R provides excellent flexibility, low storage and installation costs. The high reliability ensures a safe system operation and low maintenance costs.
  • Input
    Resistance thermometer (2,3,4 wire circuit)
    Thermocouples B,C,E,J,K,L,N,R,S,T,U
    Resistance remote signaling Unit(0…5000 Ohm)
    Voltage, mV (-125…1150 mV)
    mA (0…20mA, 4…20ma)
  • Output
    3-wire technique
    4…20 mA
  • Operating Temperature
    -40°C to 85°C
  • Electrical isolation between input and output(I/O Isolation)
  • Digital low drift processing of measurement values
  • Customer –specific linearization
    5 tie points
  • Continuous sensor and self monitoring
    Parameters saved permanently in EEPROM
    Monitoring of ADC and DAC parameters every 1 sec
    Wire break monitoring acc. With NAMUR NE 89
  • Input functionality
    Absolute, differential, average values
  • Parameterization(Software configuration)
    Smartware Calibration Tools (SCT)
    FAHM Instrument calibration software


UTT-DS-1374 Wiring Diagram