Smart radar lever meter Series FRL-8XX

Radar Level Meter Series FRL-8XX
Radar Level Meter Series FRL-8XX

‎1. Introduction ‎

‎1.1 Principle of measurement

‎ The ultra short microwave pulse with very low emitted energy is sent and received by antenna system. ‎Radar wave travels at the speed of light. Runtime can be transformed into thing level signal by electronic ‎components. A kind of special time extension method is able to guarantee stable and precise measurement in a ‎very short time.‎

Even if the condition is more complex, and there is false echo, we also analyze accurately the echo of ‎thing level by using latest microprocessor technology and debugging software.‎

‎ ‎
‎1.2 Input

Antenna receives reflected microwave impulse, and then transmits the microwave to the electronic ‎circuit. Microprocessor deals with the signal and identifies the echo signal that micro-impulse produces on ‎the surface of material. Correct echo signal is identified by Smart software, of which precise is up to ‎millimeter size. Distance D to the surface of material is proportional to the time distance of impulse T:‎
Where C is the speed of light ‎
Because the distance of empty tin E is known, material L is:‎

‎1.3 Output ‎
‎ Set parameters by inputting the height of empty tin E(=zero point), the height of full tin F(=full scale) ‎and some application parameters. Application parameters make automatically instrument adapt measurement ‎environment, corresponding to the output of 4-20mA.‎

‎1.4 Application medium
‎ ‎
 FRL-8XX series radar lever meter is suitable for non-contact continuous measurement of these things’ ‎level such as liquid, slurry and gunk, and also is used in the places where temperature and pressure have ‎big change, inert gases and volatilization exist.‎
 Use measuring method of microwave impulse, and can regularly work in the waveband of industrial ‎frequency. The energy of wave beam is low, so it can be installed in containers and tunnels of various ‎metals and non-metals, which are no damage to the human body and the environment.‎

‎2. Technical Parameter ‎






  Radar Level Meter Series FRL-8XX Radar Level Meter Series FRL-8XX Radar Level Meter Series FRL-8XX
type   FRL-803 FRL-806 FRL-808
Application FRL-803 Head Smart Radar level transmitter head,6.8 G for liquid measuring FRL-806 Head,Smart Radar level transmitter head,26G for liquid measuring FRL-808 Head,Smart Radar level transmitter head,26G for solid measuring



35 meter 35 meter 35 meter
flange flange flange
Process temperature -40-130℃ -40-150℃ -40-250℃
Process pressure -1.0-3bar -1.0-20bar -1.0-40bar
Repeatability ± 3mm ± 3mm ± 3mm
Precision < 0.1% < 0.1% < 0.1%
Frequency range 6.8GHz 26GHz 26GHz
Anti-explosion/ protection grade EXiaIICT6/IP68 EXiaIICT6/IP68 EXiaIICT6/IP68
Signal output 4…20mA/HART(two-line) 4…20mA/HART(two-line) 4…20mA/HART(two-line)